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Windward Studios is a software application that has been around for decades. In that time, it has developed many products but it’s best known for Windward Core. Unfortunately, it’s not able to keep up with the needs of many of its users. Whether because of design, functionality, or pricing, the demand for Windward Studios alternatives has grown.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best Windward Studios alternatives, the criteria used to vet them, what each one brings to the table, its price point, and much more. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a solid understanding of the best Windward Studios alternative for you and your situation. 

What is Windward Studios

Windward Studios is a software company that provides document automation and report generation software solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Windward Studios offers several software products, including Windward Core, Windward Hub, and Windward Designer. Windward Core is a document automation software that allows businesses to generate custom reports and documents based on data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and APIs.

Windward Hub is a cloud-based platform that provides a central location for managing and sharing document templates and data sources. Windward Designer is a user-friendly software tool that enables users to design custom templates for documents and reports.

Windward Studios’ software solutions are designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their reports and documents to their specific needs. It serves a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, insurance, and government. The company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Get rid of manual repetitive paperwork with robust document automation


Criteria for evaluating Windward Studios alternatives

 We used several criteria to evaluate options that could best serve as alternatives for Windward Studios document automation. Here are the key factors taken into consideration:

  1. Functionality: The software should provide robust and flexible functionality for automating document creation, editing, and distribution. It should be able to integrate with various data sources, handle complex formatting, and support a range of document types and formats. Additionally, the software may have a few unique features that set it apart.
  2. Ease of use: The software should be user-friendly and easy to learn, with intuitive interfaces and tools for designing and managing document templates. It should also offer features like drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built templates, and customizable workflows to streamline the automation process.
  3. Customization: The software should be highly customizable, allowing you to tailor documents to your specific needs and branding. This includes support for custom layouts, fonts, styles, and even conditional logic.
  4. Integration: The software should integrate seamlessly with other business applications and systems, including databases, CRM tools, and document management software. It should also offer APIs and other integration options to enable developers to build custom integrations.
  5. Support: The software should offer comprehensive customer support, including training, documentation, and technical support. It should also provide regular software updates and patches to ensure that the software is up-to-date and secure.

Best Windward Studios alternatives



DoxFlowy is a powerful document assembly platform that allows businesses of all sizes – but with a focus on small and medium businesses – to automate the entire document creation portion of the contract lifecycle. It provides a range of intuitive features that allow you to automate contracts without having to sit down and learn a new piece of software for weeks or drastically change your current workflow.

DoxFlowy has a built-in document editor that will allow you to easily draft documents from scratch or upload various file format types to further edit. With the editor, you’re able to set headings, bullets, fonts, add images and take advantage of formatting options to better match your brand. Additionally, you can add tags and variables that are replaced when connected to a data source to produce a custom document.

DoxFlowy conditional logic

The editor also allows you to set up conditional logic which allows you to take advantage of DoxFlowy’s powerful logic engine to create multiple unique documents from a single dynamic template.

After you’ve created the template, you can determine the document settings. These range from simple output file formats all the way to numbering and other factors so that your document is 100% unique.

The intuitive questionnaires, which are created automatically, can be further edited and customized to match your brand. Add multiple question types, include helper text, create multiple sections and pages to make it easier to navigate, and more.

DoxFlowy form settings

DoxFlowy provides multiple delivery and post-creation options such as the built-in electronic signature software. You can choose who signs and get an audit trail that proves the legality of the document. Going further you can set up notifications, send the document to third-party apps for storage, or even configure webhooks.

The platform has a library of templates you can access to speed up your document creation time even further. The templates span a wide range of document types such as bill of sale documents and invoices.

Make work faster with robust document templates

DoxFlowy is unique in its reports and analytics. It displays data similar to how survey software does so that you can perform further analysis of your respondents and make data-backed decisions that have a net positive impact.

DoxFlowy Winward Studios alternatives


DoxFlowy has three pricing plans which vary based on the number of documents that can be created a month and the features available.

  • Core – $99/m
  • Team – $199/m
  • Business – $499/m


Pandadoc Winward Studios alternatives

PandaDoc is a cloud-based document automation software that allows you to streamline document workflows by creating, sending, and tracking digital documents such as proposals, contracts, quotes, and invoices. The software offers a range of features to help automate document creation and management, including customizable templates, drag-and-drop editing, electronic signatures, real-time collaboration, and analytics.

One of the key features of PandaDoc is its customizable templates, which allow you to create documents quickly and easily. The software provides a library of templates for various document types that you can modify to suit your specific needs and branding. You can also create templates from scratch, and save them for future use.

PandaDoc’s drag-and-drop editing feature makes it easy to create and modify documents. You can add and edit text, images, and tables, and rearrange document sections. This feature helps users to create documents quickly and accurately, without needing specialized design skills.

Another key feature of PandaDoc is its electronic signature functionality, which allows you to send documents for signature electronically. This feature helps to reduce the time and cost of obtaining signatures, while also improving the overall customer experience.


There are two paid pricing plans, a free plan, and an enterprise plan. The plans are based on per user pricing and are divided based on features, usage limits, and integration options.

  • Free
  • Essentials – $29/m/user
  • Business – $59/m/user



Legito is a cloud-based document automation software that enables businesses to create, manage, and automate legal documents. It was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.

One of the key features of Legito is its smart template library, which includes a wide range of customizable legal document templates. The software automatically generates customized documents based on user input by taking advantage of data collection questionnaires.

Legito also offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to modify document templates, add fields, and create new documents from scratch. You can also collaborate in real time and assign different roles to team members, such as editors or reviewers.

Document and customer insights at your fingertips


Another key feature of Legito is its electronic functionality, which enables users to sign documents electronically. Legito also offers a range of automation features, including document assembly, workflow automation, and document tracking. You can automate the document review and approval process, set up reminders and deadlines, and track document status in real time.

Finally, Legito provides users with a comprehensive document management system, which includes version control, document search, and secure cloud storage. The software also includes data protection features, such as encryption and user access controls, to ensure that confidential data is kept secure.


Legito has annual and quarterly pricing – there is no monthly option and it’s divided into three pricing plans. Each plan is billed based on a minimum number of users then you can include additional users.

  • Basic – $120/m/user for a minimum of $320 for three months.
  • Small business – $96/m/user with a minimum of 10 users $2880 for three months.
  • Enterprise – custom pricing.



Documint is a cloud-based document automation software that allows businesses to streamline their document management process. The software provides a range of automation features to help businesses create, manage, and automate their documents.

One of the key features of Documint is its customizable document templates. The software provides a library of templates for various document types, such as contracts, proposals, and invoices, which can be easily customized to suit your needs. The templates can also be stored and reused for future documents, helping to save time and improve consistency.

Documint’s automation features include document assembly, workflow automation, and document tracking. With document assembly, you can create customized documents based on predefined templates. Workflow automation enables you to automate the document review and approval processes with a bit of tweaking.

Documint also provides users with a simple document management system, including document search and secure cloud storage. The software’s data protection features, such as encryption and user access controls, ensure that confidential data is kept secure.

Get essential documents signed in a flash


There are four plans with three of them being paid and one free. The paid plans are divided based on the number of documents you can generate. Pricing starts at $30/m and goes up to $150/m.



HotDocs is a powerful document automation software that allows businesses to create and manage a variety of legal and business documents. Its key features include dynamic conditional logic, multiple language support, integration with popular document management systems, and a range of automation features.

HotDocs’ dynamic conditional logic allows you to create complex decision trees within their document templates, resulting in customized documents based on user input. Integration with popular document management systems streamlines the document management process. Additionally, support for multiple languages, including Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese, makes it ideal for businesses operating in multiple countries.

HotDocs offers automation features such as document assembly, workflow automation, and document tracking. These features allow you to automate the document creation process, streamline workflows, and track document status in real time.

Finally, users have customization options such as custom branding and integration with custom data sources, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. Overall, HotDocs is a powerful document automation software that simplifies the document creation process while providing you with highly customizable documents, streamlining workflows, and improving efficiency.


Like many other solutions on this list, HotDocs doesn’t share its pricing publicly. If you want to most up-to-date pricing that’s tailored to you then you’ll need to reach out to its sales team.  


Gavel homepage

Gavel is a document automation software that streamlines the document creation process for businesses. Its key features include customizable templates, contract creation and assembly, document tracking, and electronic signature integrations.

One of the standout features of Gavel is its customizable templates, which allow you to create and customize templates to suit your specific needs. This feature saves businesses time and effort when creating documents, as they can elect the appropriate template and populate it with the required information.

Take advantage of AI-powered document drafting to move 4X faster


Gavel also offers contract creation and assembly features, which allow you to create complex legal documents. The software can automatically populate contract fields based on user input, and generate customized clauses based on user-defined rules.

In addition, Gavel provides document-tracking features that allow users to track the status of their documents in real time. This feature can be particularly useful for businesses managing large volumes of documents, as it allows them to track each document’s progress through the creation process.

Finally, Gavel’s e-signature integration allows users to sign and send documents electronically, saving time and money by eliminating the need to print, sign, and mail physical copies of documents.


Gavel starts at $99/m and goes up to $399/m. In total, it has three pricing plans which are divided based on document templates and variables per document. 



Templafy is a document automation software that streamlines the creation of documents, presentations, and emails for businesses. It provides template management, document automation, and what it refers to as content enablement features.

Automate contracts and workflows

The document automation tools let you create a wide range of documents from simple to complex in just a few moments. You can choose the input source and Templafy will populate the document based on the information gathered.

You can also integrate Templafy with third-party tools to make the document automation processes even more effective some of the integrations include Microsoft Teams, Pexels, Salesforce, and Box.

Overall, Templafy is a powerful document automation software that helps businesses to create professional, consistent, and accurate documents. Its intelligent template and asset management system, smart document automation, content enablement, and integrations make it an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their document creation process.


It does not publicly share pricing, so if you’re interested in this solution you’ll need to first reach out to the sales team.


Windward Studios is a long-standing document automation solution but it’s built for those looking to embed document automation in existing applications. That’s not for everyone.

If you want a standalone solution you can access in the cloud, the Windward Studios alternatives shared in this guide are ideal for you. Shortlist the ones that have the features you’re looking for and take a moment to explore them further.

If you’re looking for an all-around solution for document automation and contract lifecycle management then be sure to check out DoxFlowy.

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