Contract automation team

Contract automation software for the whole team

Enable anyone in your organization to create, execute, store, and distribute compliant, high-quality contracts in a fraction of the time. 

Traditional contract management processes look like this

With DoxFlowy,they look like this

DoxFlowy contract automation process

The DoxFlowy Difference

Doxflowy allows you to take back control of your contracting process. Create simple or complex contracts that anyone on your team can search, use, and distribute in moments.

Get rid of human error

Automate data collection and contract drafting so that you’re able to get rid of the human element and make sure every contract has the right information and is structured properly. Drastically cut down on the time it takes to edit, proof, and approve each contract and focus on more important tasks.

Get rid of human error

Ensure compliance

Each document is consistent and is created based on the rules and parameters you set up with your dynamic templates. Every NDA, employment agreement, etc. will have the right key clauses and considerations to make sure your contracts are always compliant.

Contract automation compliance

Keep contracts safe

Store your contracts in the cloud behind multiple layers of security so your important documents are always secure from prying eyes. Every piece of data enjoys end-to-end encryption by default so you never need to worry.

secure contracts

Accelerate contract creation and
turnaround time

Take your contract drafting time from three hours to three minutes by automating busy work and clause creation. Focus on the most important parts of the contracting process and leave the rest to the software.

Contract creation speed

Stay on top of all your contracts

Easily view the status of every contract that’s created with detailed analytics. Understand the information that was collected, its signing status, and the best next steps for you to take.

Stay on top of contracts

How much could you be saving?

Number of documents prepared a month

Average time (hours) spent per document workflow

Average hourly salary of document/contract preparer

Hours saved per year


Money saved per year


Smart templates

Create dynamic templates that anyone can use. Build them from scratch with our powerful word processor, choose from one of our many templates, or upload your own.

Smart contract automation templates

Robust data collection forms

Customize intuitive questionnaires to match your brand and then send them to vendors, clients, and staff to fill out and populate your contracts in a fraction of the time.

Robust data collection

Electronic signatures

Set up electronic signatures as part of your workflow so when the document is created, the right people are automatically prompted to securely sign. Set up reminder emails, view the audit trail, and download the completed document in one click.

Electronic signatures

Negotiate in the cloud

Invite contract stakeholders to review what you’ve drafted, leave comments, and even make adjustments right in the document. See exactly what they’ve done and approve or reject every change as you see fit. Contract redlining at its finest.

Contract automation negotiation

Conditional contract logic

Take advantage of conditional logic in your templates so they change to meet the needs of the situation. Add or remove clauses as needed, include specific elements for special cases, or even hide entire sections based on your goals and inputs.

COnditional logic

Contract delivery workflows

Choose what happens after the document has been automatically generated. Send a notification to someone, send a copy of the completed document, update a deal in your CRM, and so much more.

Post-creation workflows

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