Manage, streamline, and automate your document workflows

Use DoxFlowy to get documents created and signed up to 80% faster while increasing the overall volume of documents processed by 2X. Do more - faster.

Optimize your current processes

Standardize and streamline complex paper-based document processes. Automate the core steps in the process and only step in to review and approve documents when necessary.

Document workflow automation - Improve compliance

Improve compliance

Instead of having to add and remove clauses from every document manually, create a dynamic document template that’s created with pre-approved clauses. This way, no matter who’s creating the document, you can be sure it’s compliant

Speed up time to close

Cut down your contract and agreement turnaround time by up to 80% with automated document assembly, electronic signatures, and an intuitive interface. Remove all obstacles preventing your clients and users from saying yes.

Document workflow automation - speed up time to close
Document workflow automation - Document rules

Set up your own rules

You’re in the driver’s seat and can choose what happens before, during, and after the contract creation process. Choose which clauses are added or removed, how the document output is set up, whether clients see the documents after filling the questionnaire, the signing conditions, and so much more.

Secure your most important agreements

Take advantage of a secure system to manage your documents. SSL security, firewalls, and accepted security best practices work together to ensure your important information remains safe at rest and in transit

Document security
sign effortlessly

Sign Effortlessly

Make the most of DoxFlowy’s intuitive electronic signature tool to guide users to signing, redirect them, send reminder emails, and so much more.

Conditional logic that adapts to the situation

Take advantage of robust if/then conditional logic so that with a single dynamic template, you can create countless variations of the same document. You’re able to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in without having to create a new document from scratch.

Collaborate internally and externally

Invite collaborators to redline and negotiation on specific documents or teammates to work within DoxFlowy with you. You choose who your collaborators are, how much control they have within DoxFlowy, and how long they can stay.

Document analytics

Document & form analytics

Get a clear look at when a document was created, who interacted with it, when it was signed, the signatory's location, and more. Additionally, you have access to questionnaire analytics which can serve as a tool to gain useful insights about your clients and enhance your marketing efforts.

Central document repository

Central document repository

View all of the documents you’ve created or are creating in a central repository that allows you to understand what’s happening at a glance. Further organize your growing collection of documents using folders so that all relevant documents are together.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Document automation isn’t complete until you can connect your software of choice with the other tools in your arsenal. Take advantage of third-party integrations to truly automate the entire document lifecycle saving you time, money, and energy.

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