Leverage AI to Draft Your Documents 3X-4X faster

Our AI document drafting tools have been trained on billions of data points to help you draft, edit, and analyze contracts in your browser and take your contracting process to the next level.

What can DoxFlowy’s AI do for you?

DoxFlowy’s AI-powered algorithms analyze the user's input and suggest relevant clauses, terms, and provisions based on the type of document being drafted, the jurisdiction, and your displayed preferences. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Draft your entire document

Cut the time it takes you to draft custom documents, contracts, and agreements from hours to just a few minutes with AI. Get the first draft, edit it to meet your needs, and automate the rest.

AI document drafting feature

Focus on individual clauses

Use our AI tool when you don’t need an entire document but still want to create and optimize clauses. Tell the AI what kind of clauses you’re looking for and it’ll take care of the rest.

AI document drafting clauses

Summarize and explain terms

Forget about trying to decipher legal jargon in your agreements. Select the text you’re confused about and let the AI break it down in plain English that anyone can understand allowing you to draft documents with complete confidence.

AI document drafting summarize and explain terms

Find missing terms (coming soon)

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know but if it’s an agreement, it can have a huge negative impact. Analyze your document with a simple button click and find out if you’re missing clauses, definitions, and other important information.

FInd missing terms

Identify aggressive and nonstandard terms (coming soon)

Certain types of agreements have specific terms that are almost always included. Our AI-powered document drafting will allow you to quickly find and make changes to terms that are out of place for your particular document.

Aggressive terms

Our training data

We’ve trained our AI model with thousands of contracts and millions of data points to ensure it understands the nuances of what a document should and shouldn’t have. It takes advantage of the starting point of OpenAI’s GPT AI engine and enhances it to our specific use case. If you have an agreement, it has probably seen and analyzed countless similar documents and knows what should and shouldn’t be included. Armed with this information, lightning-fast analysis is possible thereby giving you the right suggestions and recommendations.

Collaborate internally and externally

We’ve built our AI model on top of GPT from OpenAI. It’s the single largest language model of its kind in the world. It has been trained on billions of parameters which range from the open web (sites such as CNN, blogs, social media websites, and even Wikipedia), books, and other sources.
Together, these training sources give the AI model a deep understanding of human language and logical associations between text.
What does that mean for you?
It’s able to understand, based on the text presented, what else should be included. This means it can determine when a clause is missing, when a clause is out of place, and how to draft certain types of documents from scratch.

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FAQs about AI document drafting

Do I have to pay for AI tools separately

No, every DoxFlowy plan comes with credits that allow you to take advantage of the AI capabilities.

Can I draft as many documents as I want with DoxFlowy’s AI?

Technically, yes. With that being said, each account has a certain number of credits every month. If those credits are finished before the month ends, you can purchase new credits at the rate of $5/credit in increments of 5 credits. To put that into perspective, each credit is about 1,000 words of text generated by the AI.

Do AI credits roll over? 

The default credits that come with your plan do not roll over. They are refreshed at the end of every billing cycle. If you purchase additional credits, they are valid for one year from the time of purchase.

Can AI credits be shared between users on an account?

Yes, you can choose to transfer credits to one or more users within your DoxFlowy team. They cannot be shared across teams.

What future plans do you have for the AI tools? 

That’s a good question. While we have a roadmap and want to expand our training data so it becomes even more accurate and give you more options such as extracting key points from a contract and auto-tagging, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message with your suggestions for AI document drafting or automation to hello at doxflowy.com

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