Automate everything from lease applications to purchase agreements

Manage, automate, and store your essential real estate documents in a secure platform while saving up to 80% of your document processing time. Of course, it’s no-code.

The DoxFlowy Difference

real estate document automation improved processing times

Faster turnaround time

From initial application to signing the lease, cut down the time it takes to draft and execute complex real estate documents by up to 80%.

Real estate document automation better compliance

Better compliance

No longer worry about whether or not you’ve added all the right clauses in every document. Take advantage of dynamic templates to ensure you’re compliant at all times when drafting a new document.

Real estate document autoamtion software with an intuitive experience

Intuitive experience

Easy for you. Easy for clients. From a document editor that feels like typing a Word document to a questionnaire that your clients can easily fill - the process is brain-dead-simple for everyone involved.

real estate document automation signing

Sign documents in a flash

Instead of swapping between different applications to handle drafting and signing, do everything within DoxFlowy. Send out sign requests that are compliant with regulations in multiple countries, provide guided signing for your clients, and get an audit trail to support the legality.

Workflow automation with real estate document automation software

Automate workflows

Instead of chasing someone up for information or setting up numerous reminders, automate the entire workflow from data collection, to drafting, and finally signing. Set it up once and use it over and over again.

Secure your data

Secure your data

Create and send documents with peace of mind knowing that multiple layers of security keep your most important data safe. SSL certificate, security best practcies, and multiple firewalls all work together for your benefit.

Real estate document automation - central document repository

Central document management repository

View all your important real estate documents at a glance and get a clear view of all the relevant activity. Take it a step further by organizing your documentation in relevant folders for you to quickly access.

Seamlessly handle work orders

Beyond onboarding documents and lease agreements, take advantage of DoxFlowy to handle work orders. Set up forms and documents then set up workflows to send yourself or whoever handles the work order a notification without lifting a finger.

Real estate document automation work orders

Integrate with the tools you already use

Real estate document automation isn’t complete until you can connect your software of choice with the other tools in your arsenal. Take advantage of third-party integrations to truly automate the entire document lifecycle saving you time, money, and energy.

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