Take advantage of DoxFlowy's document Automation 
in a few simple steps

Setting up a document automation workflow

Step 1

Create a dynamic template

Use dynamic document and contract templates to power your document automation workflows. Create them from scratch, upload documents to DoxFlowy, or take advantage of our templates. You can: 

Add variables/tags
Insert images
Conditional logic
AI drafting
Create document

Step 2

Choose your document settings

After creating a dynamic document template, you can choose the settings that control how the document appears and many other aspects. 

Document workflow name
Document dimensions
Consent management
Upload management
How it works - document settings

Step 3

Customize questionnaires

Next, an intuitive questionnaire is automatically generated based on the tags and variables that you used to create your document template. You can customize many aspects including: 

The question text and question type
The colors
The welcome screen
The success message
Conditional logic
Brand management

Step 4

Delivery/post-submission actions

Take your document automations to the next level by setting up delivery and post-submission actions. This determines what happens after the document has been generated based on the questionnaire answers: 

Send for signing
Notify one or more recipients
Share document via email 
Integrations with third party tools
So much more

Other useful DoxFlowy Features

CEntral document repository

Central document repository

Get a birds-eye view of all your created documents. Organize contracts and other documents in folders, view their status, and take advantage of robust search features to quickly find the right documents.

Signing experience

Robust electronic signatures

Our electronic signature solution isn’t just an add-on. It’ll allow you to create standalone signature requests or add a signing aspect to your automated document workflows. Sign alone, with others, or even allow others to sign without you. Take advantage of reminder emails, ID verification, redirecting signers after completion, and so much more.

Template management

Template management

Create dynamic templates that are unique to you or share them with your team. After creation, they can be used for any document workflow in your account to further speed up your document creation and management processes

Team management

Team management

Invite as many team members to DoxFlowy as you need. Create documents together or independently and quickly build a repository of document workflows that speed up your document management tasks by up to 80%.

Third-party integrations

No need to get a whole new set of software to work with DoxFlowy. It comes out of the box with integrations for a wide range of software solutions such as CRM tools, HR management tools, and much more.

Third party integrations

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