Automate the creation of impeccable, legally binding, and compliant documents and contracts

DoxFlowy is the no-code solution that allows you to autogenerate documents using intuitive questionnaires, intelligent templates, and robust data routing designed to eliminate human error and increase efficiency. Ditch the date with your backend and admin tasks. Get more you time - less paperwork time.

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DoxFlowy document automation software

How it works


Choose a template based on specific contracts or legal documents, upload your own, or create a document from scratch and then edit it to meet your needs


A form is generated for you to fill out, share internally, or to send to clients to complete


The document is auto-populated and tweaked based on the content submitted through the form.


Download your completed document, send it for signing, route it to the proper place for storage, or send it for more processing.

Document management should be simple. We make that a reality.

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Personalized documents for everyone

The time-consuming and error-prone process of editing documents is a thing of the past. Whether you need five documents or a thousand, for a single industry or dozens, DoxFlowy helps you do it with a fraction of the work.

Automate document processes

No more manual work for you, no more busy work for your team. Set up smart templates once and connect your entire document workflow in a single powerful document automation system so you can free up time to focus on what you truly care about.

Better client and user experience

Bring the experience you give your customers into the cloud by getting rid of paper and PDF documents. Replace them with intuitive workflows that guide your clients through the entire process - without you lifting a finger. Log in to your account to meet completed documents that you can send out to the right people with a few button clicks or store for later.

Deep analytics

Get a birds-eye view of all the relevant metrics associated with your documents. What kind of people are responding to your data collection questionnaires, how they’re responding, and other detailed information is broken down in an easy-to-understand format. This lets you make decisions that help your organization grow without having to use another program or spend hours on analysis.

Customize it to your needs

Instead of changing your workflows to fit a new system, DoxFlowy is broken down into parts that can be modified to fit almost any existing process and evolve with you over time. The learning curve is smaller and you won’t have to switch to another tool when you grow - which is always a hassle.

Get set up - fast

An intuitive platform allows you to get set up in minutes instead of days. If you need assistance, just reach out and our dedicated team will jump in and make sure your transition is seamless. Less time getting set up means more time for you to reap the rewards like getting hours back every single day. There’s no better feeling than knowing you checked off everything on your daily to-do list.

No code - ever

We built the software - not you - so you shouldn’t have to write custom code to get it to work the way you want. Use our point-and-click brain-dead-simple interface to build basic or complex flows that get the job done. This makes it easier than ever to hand it off to other members of your team with the confidence that they’ll be able to get the work done.

Automate documents without ever writing code
Fully customize them to meet your needs
Connect with your existing tools with a few button clicks
No code ever

Over 1,000 templates

Whether you’re in healthcare, want to plan your estate, sell boats, or need to hire your next employee, we have a document template that’ll meet your needs. Use them as-is or further customize them based on your specific situation. You’ll probably never have to frantically hunt around for the right agreement again and customization should only take a few moments - not hours.

Create your templates
Customize existing templates
Automatically generate intuitive forms
Vetted by legal professionals

Bring or create your documents

You can upload the documents and contracts you already have or use our intuitive word processor to build agreements from scratch. This allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere you find yourself. That means work vacations, business trips, and other out-of-office activities don’t mean your business has to slow down for a few days.

Upload and edit documents directly
Use an intuitive document editors
Work with tables, special characters, and a wide range of fonts
Create your own documents

Customize forms to match your brand

Automatically generated forms capture the data you specify to customize documents for a single client or hundreds of them. Instead of forcing you to use a bland form that won’t do your brand justice, you have full control. This means your brand is always front and center and you deliver a consistent experience for your end-users:

Add your logo
Edit the form questions
Choose the question type
Control the colors
So much more

Together with your team

Invite the people you work with to create and manage unique document generation and automation workflows. You can get them set up and step back while they take care of the initial document workflow creation.

Set the permission levels
Share documents and templates across the organization
Give them independent access to work on mission-critical contracts
Together with your team

Collaborate within the platform

Include people within your organization, clients, or even third-party contributors to help you review, approve, or edit specific documents in real-time. If a clause needs to be added here or a review of the document done, just add them via sharing permissions and they can handle it without your input.

Give contributors document-level access without adding them to your organization
Revoke their access at any time
Allow them to comment and also see changes they’ve made to your document.
Collaboration within DoxFlowy
Sign in a flash

Sign in a flash

Instead of downloading, uploading, and sending out your documents for signing with another piece of software, do it all from the same place using UsefulSign - our eSign solution. This isn’t a basic add-on but a fully-fledged electronic signature software which means you’re compliant with prevalent laws around the world, and can confidently send out your documents for signing.

Set up automated reminder messages
Sign alone, with others, or have others sign
Access a clear chain-of-custody audit trail

Send your documents where they need to go

DoxFlowy gives you the tools to let your data flow freely. Push documents, contact information, and other details to the right place or even trigger actions in other tools to truly automate your entire workflow. The result is setting up a workflow once and having everything happen in the background which means you’re free to focus on high-level tasks.

Send emails to form respondents
Notify yourself
Push your documents to the right tools
Get it signed within the same process
Send documents
Error free documents

Error-free documents

Creating documents from scratch is time-consuming and error-prone. With DoxFlowy you or your clients simply answer a few questions and your document will be automatically generated. This drastically cuts down the number of human errors while increasing document quality. For you, that means the confidence to use your document workflows for even the most important agreements and contracts.

Remove common errors from the equation
Skip the back and forth
Recreate the same document on demand if the situation requires.
Document conditional logic to create unique documents every time

Intuitive workflow

Document automation software intuitive workflow

Our document automation software has been built from the ground up to remove excess work so you can create agreement workflows in minutes. You can start a collection of document workflows in the morning and be done in time for lunch.

Get up and running in minutes
No additional training for your clients and team
Responsive support if you ever get stuck

No industry left behind

Financial services

Modern financial processes

Easily use the data you collect to create a wide range of financial documents such as tax forms, loan paperwork, contracts, and other sensitive documentation to better serve your clients - even in time-sensitive situations. Confidently share interviews internally or with clients knowing their data is secure and your processes are humming along in the background.

Technology and SaaS

Hit your growth targets

Keep MRR moving up and to the right by providing a seamless proposal, quote, and contract close experience that moves deals across the finish line faster.


Paperless as a rule

Quickly handle everything from application forms, student onboarding, and financial aid documentation in one unified dashboard. Free up time to focus on delivering a world-class education in the classroom or wherever else learning takes place.

Professional services

Keep your professional services professional.

Ditch convoluted and antiquated proposal, quote, and onboarding processes by opting for a digital document creation and signing platform. Speed up and streamline your workflows while creating a seamless client experience. You look good in front of your clients, peers, and team.


Wow your clients

Getting insurance is traditionally an opaque, complex, and time-consuming process. Automate the proposal, quote, and policy registration process while clearly showing clients you’ll be able to keep up with their needs at every step of the process.

Document storage without limits

Whether you’re in your office or traveling for an important meeting, you’ll be able to store and access all of your documents in one central location so they never slip through the cracks. Don’t spend any more time chasing up poorly filed documents. Just use the in-built search to find your important documents in seconds.

Organize your documents in folders for easy access
Access and download generated documents with a click
Share documents with team members
Document storage

Document security and encryption

Our document automation platform takes your security seriously. Every account is protected by modern security features such as SSL certificates, encrypted files at rest and in transit, firewall technology, and constant monitoring so you can confidently use the platform to get critical work done.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Whether you want to store it, send it, sign it, or anything in between - we have an integration for that.


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