Effortlessly simplify complex document workflows with AI-powered document automation and electronic signatures

The no-code document automation software solution that makes it easy for you, your team, and your clients to automate manual document processes, create customized workflows, move away from paper-based systems, and connect your entire tech stack. Sound too good? See how it works yourself.

20+ Hours saved every week

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As flexible as your workflow

Take the paper out of your paperwork

Create simple and intuitive digital workflows that slash costs, improve processes, and accelerate growth. You set it up once and forever free yourself from manual data entry. That means you log in to your account and see completed documents that have been sent for approvals or stored away for when you need them. 

Document automation software at its finest. 

See how DoxFlowy works in four steps


Upload a document, create it from scratch, or choose from our templates


Turn it into a simple intuitive data collection questionnaire


Send it to recipients, share with your team, or host it on your website so your clients can fill and sign from anywhere


Get an error-free document and automate the next steps like signing, approvals, updating deals in your CRM, sending out notifications, and much more.

Fill a form

The Document will be
with form details

How it works 2

Document is generated

Automate the next steps using our built-in tools or third party integrations

Connect to other tools

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Over 1423 brands already trust our Document Automation Software

to prep, generate, automate, and sign documents in record time (while cutting costs).

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Let AI do the heavy lifting

Creating and managing documents can be a difficult and error-prone process. Especially when you have to keep up with current regulations and make changes based on the situation. Our AI-powered document automation helps you draft accurate and error-free documents up to 3X faster.

  • AI-powered document drafting

Create an entire legal document from scratch or just use it to create individual sections and clauses. 

  • Document analysis

Let our AI analyze individual clauses or your entire document for various elements such as aggressive terms, missing clauses, out-of-place terms, and more. 

  • Summary and explanation 

Be sure of what certain clauses and documents mean with summarization and explanation clauses so you can make the right changes and edits - fast. 

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Let AI do the heavy lifting

Spend less time creating repetitive documents

Irrespective of your industry, documents are a must. Manually creating each document leads to errors, time lost, and added expenses. DoxFlowy has a library of free templates designed for businesses and individuals. 

Use them to generate high-quality documents in minutes. No more searching for a template and converting it to a digital document - it’s all at your fingertips which means you can focus on sending it for approval or getting it signed.

Build it once, automate it forever

Use our no-code document automation software to automatically make intuitive data collection forms. Once created, adjust them to match your brand, colors, and tone. Share them with your customers, partners, and team so every person that answers the questions will have a unique document created automatically.

  • Intuitive questionnaires

Questionnaires are designed to get maximum responses without causing friction or survey fatigue

  • Share or embed anywhere

Make it available to only a handful of people through a custom link, email them directly from our platform, or embed it for your website for anyone to fill out

  • Automate your processes

Generate documents with a few clicks, share data with the tools you already use, and focus on the tasks that matter the most.

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Sign with confidence

Stay on the cutting edge of business with electronic signature software that truly meets your needs. Collect electronic signatures anywhere to speed up your workflow while staying legally compliant. 

  • Always intuitive

No need to spend hours learning new software. The signing process is simple, straightforward, and fast. Set them up and watch the signatures roll in without having to chase up your signatories.

  • Legally binding signatures

Confidently collect signatures knowing that they adhere to industry standards and current regulations.

  • Built-in audit trail 

Get a tamper-proof audit log of who opened, viewed, signed, and otherwise interacted with your documents and contracts. 

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Sign with confidence

All your documents in one place

Store all of your important agreements in one central location so you can quickly search for and find the documents you need.

  • Folder organization

Set up folders to manage groups of documents based on criteria important to you. Once created, protect the contents of the folders by setting specific permissions that only allow relevant people to access them.

  • View document statuses

Understand what’s happening with your contracts and documents at a glance. Know whether they’re ready for approval, still in drafts, have been signed, and much more.

  • Easily download and share 

Download your documents in multiple file formats with a few button clicks and send them to the right people for further processing or storage.

Central document repository

Secure and compliant at all times

All your interactions with our platform are encrypted from prying eyes using SSL technology. We also follow security best practices to further secure your data and are compliant with major regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ESIGN ACT, eIDAS, and more.

Work with your team

Invite members to DoxFlowy to collaborate with you and build even more effective workflows. Manage permissions, add as many people as you need, and share documents across your organization. This allows you to break down silos so important information flows to the right places and ensures everyone gets their work done in a timely manner.

Work with your team

Collaborate seamlessly

Include people within your organization, clients, or even third-party contributors to help you review, approve, or edit specific documents. No need to invite them to your account. Instead, give them direct access to the relevant documents on a case-by-case basis. Whether you need quick approval from a stakeholder or a full review from the legal team, you can quickly make it happen.

  • Set different roles and permission and retain the ability to remove access whenever you want
  • Allow them to make changes, leave comments, or simply view the document
  • Track exactly what changes they’ve made and approve them before it’s incorporated into the document.
Collaborate seamlessly

Useful Analytics

Drill deep into your contract and form data. Understand exactly how people answered your questions, your conversion rates, the status of your documents, and other useful data points. Armed with this information, you can make data-backed decisions about your processes and your customers.

Connect with your current tools

Organizations of all sizes are barely controlled chaos. DoxFlowy integrates with the tools you already use so you can route data to the right place, trigger automations, and improve overall productivity. You no longer have to manually move deals in your CRM or the other little manual tasks that are easy to forget because it’s all handled in the background for you.

Connect with your current tools

As versatile as your imagination

Whether you want to collect data, simplify complex paper-based workflows, or sign contracts on the fly, DoxFlowy helps you accomplish it. Focus on the things that matter. Automate the rest.

Document automation software built from the ground up for solopreneurs doing too much and teams that want to unlock operational efficiency.

Real estate
Legal services
this is you

1.  Generate Leads

2. Pipe data to the right tools

3. Collect data to improve your campaigns

Software example 3 -1

1. Automate data collection

2. Slash contract turnaround time

3. Deliver a seamless customer experience

Software example 1

1. Automate document creation workflows

2. Secure important financial information

3. Optimize internal and external reimbursment processes

1. Generate and complete important documentation in a few clicks

2. Simplify internal workflows for simple and complex things like vacation requests

3. Send data and documents to the HR platforms you already use

GR example

1. Handle lease agreements seamlessly

2. Process work orders without lifting a finger

3. Streamline rental applications and payment

1. Create robust customer-facing legal applications

2. Cut legal document drafting by more then 80%

3. Securely collaborate on contracts with clients, staff, and vendors online

Software example 6

What will you do with DoxFlowy? 

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Use our intuitive no-code document automation platform to unlock more productivity and efficiency so countless background tasks don’t distract you from your real mission.

It's about more than document generation and signing

You don’t wake up in the morning excited about producing a pile of NDAs, chasing up clients to sign on the dotted line, or dealing with routine administrative paperwork. You wake up to do work that’s exciting and interesting but the business of business tends to get in the way.

Working with documents, whether for internal administrative tasks or external collateral can be hard, error-prone, and time-consuming. It shouldn’t be. Our workflow automation, ekectronic signature, and document automation software solution makes your work more productive, removes roadblocks, and enhances collaboration.

The tools are simple, a joy to use, and growing every day. Sign up for Doxflowy so you can get back to doing the work that matters like saving the world or amassing a fortune. We don’t judge.

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