About DoxFlowy and The Team

DoxFlowy - We Power Your Business' Document Processes With Intelligent, Beautiful, and Useful Software 

DoxFlowy has a simple goal - to optimize, streamline, and automate many of the processes that you use in your business. This includes signing documents electronically to cut down on the turnaround time, automating documents, and much more. 

While the goal is simple, it's not always easy to accomplish so we put a lot of energy, time, and resources to make it happen. 

The founding team comes from a business background and have used the bulky tools that have unruly interfaces. The only reason you keep using them is because the other competitors are worse, don't exist, or your contract isn't up. 

We get it. 

This is the polar opposite of what we're doing and creating at DoxFlowy. We know that if software is difficult to use, it doesn't get used. We know that you want what you want and it's up to us to deliver it. 

We get it. 

That's why our products strive to bridge the gap between function and form. If it's not easy to use and doesn't make work better, we've failed. 

We don't plan on failing. 

Judging by the number of people that keep using DoxFlowy, we're doing something right. 

As far as we're concerned, DoxFlowy is just getting started - Day 1 thinking if you will. We've got our head down and we're rolling out more tools to enhance your work. That's not limited to what you see today. Keep watching because we'll make your work fun again. Or, at least not as boring as it can sometimes be. 

If you’re enjoying what we’re building and want to see new features, then drop us a line. We read every message and reply to most.

About the folks that started the company

Daniel Ndukwu

Just a SaaS founder and investor with a few wins under his belt. Loves the challenge of building products people love. For him, DoxFlowy is a labor of love that can only get better. Oh yes, he's married with kids and they say he works too much.. 

Ihunanyachi Thompson

Ihunanyachi Thompson is an entrepreneur, a WordPress Design Engineer. He is the founder of Shabtech; a WordPress Design and Development agency and the co-founder of UsefulPDF; a SaaS software for eSigning.

Our core values


The world and relationships are complex enough. We want to make it just a bit easier to do work that matters. 


You can figure out anything if you listen deeply enough. So, we listen twice as much as we talk and use those insights to build great products. 


We launch projects, solutions, and features quickly and often. The only goal is to better serve our customers. 


We don't think there are bad ideas - just ideas that are underdeveloped. We come up with ideas and test them quickly so you can get a better product.


We document our wins as well as our losses so we can create systems that are repeatable and useful for you and us. 

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