Automate the creation, signing, and storage of essential legal documents

The no-code legal document automation software helps create error-free legal documents ranging from NDAs to employment agreements while saving up to 80% of your time.

Why DoxFlowy's legal document automation software?

legal document automation software compliance

Improved compliance

Never have to worry about the wrong clauses being added, simple mistakes being made, and things slipping through the cracks. Ensure every document has the right information and is compliant with regulations. If anything changes, just update the master template and every new document will automatically carry the changes without any additional work.

Legal document automation software save time

Save time

Instead of spending hours drafting, finding the right information, and editing a document, drastically cut that down with DoxFlowy. Create the document once and they automate it every other time.

legal document automation software reduce costs

Reduce costs

Drastically reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with preparing and signing documents. Save on labor, storage, supplies, and more when you automate your documents.

legal document automation software user experience

Deliver a better user experience

Show your clients you’ve adopted modern workflows and are equipped to serve their needs. Intuitive questionnaires, an easy-to-use signing interface, and instant document delivery ensure they get the best experience possible.

Collaborate online

Redline contracts online so you can negotiate with people in your office and those halfway around the country. Track changes, approve the ones that make sense, and invite people without adding them to your organization.

Collaborate online
COnditional logic

Robust conditional logic

Use one dynamic template to create multiple documents. Take advantage of our powerful conditional logic and if/then statements to add clauses, remove clauses, insert elements, and more.

Template management

Legal template management

Create dynamic templates that can be used privately by you or shared with your team. Format the template by adding images, bold, italics, bullets, headings, and much more. Make it your own and put your brand first.

Robust electronic signature

Create an end-to-end document workflow that creates documents and sends them out for signing. Set up reminder emails, redirects, custom messages, and even guided signing in just a few minutes.

Electronic signatures
Intuitive questionnaires

Intuitive end-user questionnaires

Share simple questionnaires with your clients or users that are easy to use, look good on mobile, and focus on helping them provide the right information. The answers are used to instantly create an error-free document that you can use as you see fit.

Document settings

Granular document settings

You get deep control over the output documents. Choose the output format, the size of the page, whether your clients/users can download the document, and a wide range of settings that ensure you remain in the driver's seat.

Central document repository

View all your templates that are in use and created documents in a single document repository that’s easy for you to navigate. Get even more control by creating and using folders to organize documents by topic or use case.

Document repository

Integrate with the tools you already use

Document automation isn’t complete until you can connect your software of choice with the other tools in your arsenal. Take advantage of third-party integrations to truly automate the entire document lifecycle saving you time, money, and energy.

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