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HR documentation can be tedious and time-consuming. At the same time, it’s absolutely necessary. If you want to run a smooth ship and stay on the right side of the law, your documentation needs to be impeccable. HR document automation software is a great option if you want to save time and money while maintaining quality.

In this guide, you’ll learn about HR document automation software and what the best tools on the market are right now.

What is HR document automation?

HR document automation is the process of automating the creation and management of HR documents using software. This can include a variety of documents such as employment contracts, offer letters, performance evaluations, and termination letters. The goal of HR document automation is to streamline the HR documentation process, improve accuracy and compliance, and reduce the time and effort required to manage HR documents.

HR document automation software typically uses templates that are pre-populated with information from HR systems, such as employee data, to automatically generate documents. Conversely, you can use forms to populate the data for templates. These templates can be customized to include company branding and specific language or clauses. The software can also ensure that documents comply with legal requirements and company policies.

By automating HR document creation, companies can reduce errors and inconsistencies that can occur with manual document creation. Automation also allows HR staff to spend less time on administrative tasks, such as document creation and tracking, and more time on strategic HR initiatives.

Get rid of manual repetitive paperwork with robust document automation


Key features of HR document automation software

HR document automation software is designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and storing HR documents. Some key features of HR document automation software include:

  1. Customizable templates: The software should offer customizable templates for common HR documents, such as employment contracts, offer letters, and performance reviews. This can help ensure consistency and accuracy across all documents.
  2. Document editor: The software should include a document editor that allows you to easily add or remove sections of a document, edit text, and format the layout.
  3. Electronic signature capabilities: The software should have electronic signature functionality, allowing HR staff to send documents to employees for electronic signature, reducing the time and effort required for signature collection.
  4. Workflow automation: The software should allow you to automate workflows, such as sending reminders for document completion, or automatically routing documents to different departments for approval.
  5. Document storage and retrieval: The software should have a centralized document storage system that allows HR staff to quickly search for and retrieve documents as needed.

Overall, HR document automation software can help HR departments streamline their document creation and management processes, reduce errors and inconsistencies, and improve compliance and efficiency.

Best HR document automation software



DoxFlowy is a powerful document automation and contract management solution that makes it possible to streamline your workflow, reduce costs, and free up your team to focus on more high-level tasks. It provides an easy-to-use interface and strong document editing features to ensure you’re able to get in and out quickly.

In addition to the document automation tools, it provides electronic signature software that lets you sign documents alone, with others, or provide documents for others to sign. Each signed document comes with an audit trail that supports the legality of the signature.

You also have granular control over the document settings and the form settings. You can choose the file type of the final document, control how end users can interact with it, customize the look and feel, and much more. For questions, you can choose the question types, add form conditional logic, and customize it to match your brand.

DoxFlowy form settings

You also have the ability to add conditional logic to the document. Depending on the form inputs, the document will transform. You can add clauses, text, images, and more to create a truly custom document every time you provide data. Create a dynamic template once and have it work for you over and over again.

If you’re strapped for time, you can also take advantage of the AI drafting which is built on top of the OpenAI engine. It’s been trained with billions of data points to help you draft robust legal documents in a fraction of the time it would normally take. After drafting a document, you can invite guest users to comment, edit, and otherwise collaborate on the document until it’s perfect.

Make work faster with robust document templates

AI document drafting clauses

If you want them to have more control, you can invite them to your team and set the permission levels. You can also share documents with them so they can get up to speed fast.

Finally, take advantage of the document repository. All of your documents are securely stored in the clause within a central location so you can easily access them. Further organize important documents with folders that can be categorized based on whatever is important to you.


DoxFlowy has three pricing plans. Each one is divided based on the features you have access to and the usage limits on your plan. 

  • Core – $99/m
  • Team – $199/m
  • Business $499/m

Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents is a document automation software that allows users to create and automate the process of generating various types of documents, including proposals, contracts, invoices, and more. The software aims to simplify the document creation process, reduce errors, and save time and resources.

Some key features of Formstack Documents include:

  1. Customizable templates: You can create templates or choose from its library of templates which range from simple invoices to complex employment contracts. You can customize the templates to meet your needs.
  2. Document merging: Formstack Documents allows users to merge data from various sources, including CRM systems, spreadsheets, and web forms, to automatically populate templates and generate documents.
  3. Workflow automation: You can automate the document generation process by setting up workflows that automatically generate and send documents to clients, vendors, or other stakeholders.
  4. Electronic signatures: It has a built-in electronic signature tool that allows you to sign documents yourself, with other, and allow others to sign documents without your direct involvement.
  5. Secure document storage: Formstack Documents stores all generated documents securely in the cloud, allowing you to access and share documents with others as needed.
  6. Integrations: It offers a wide range of direct integrations with other tools which include but aren’t limited to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier, allowing users to streamline their workflows and increase efficiency.


Formstack has two pricing plans and a custom enterprise plan. Each plan is divided based on features available and usage limits.

  • Starter – $125/m 
  • Teams – $250/m



Crove is an HR document automation software that’s focused on small businesses and allows them to work with almost any type of document. The software aims to streamline document workflows, reduce errors, and save time and resources.

Crove is a newer tool that focuses on providing forms that can be used to populate the data in dynamic templates. When a form is filled out, the document is assembled and you have a custom document tailored to the situation.

You can include conditional logic, customize the forms to an extent, do simple calculations, and integrate with third-party tools through Zapier. If you need a simple solution then this is a great choice. If you need something more advanced, there are multiple other options out there.

Document and customer insights at your fingertips



Crove starts at $19/m/user and that allows you to create up to ten templates for your document automation needs.



Documint is a cloud-based document automation platform designed to help businesses streamline their document creation and management processes. The platform includes a wide range of features that make it easier for users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents, and to automate complex document workflows.

It provides advanced document assembly which allows you to create complex documents from a base template. You can take advantage of the pre-built template library and customize the templates to fit your specific needs. The workflow leading up to and after a document has been generated can be customized. This is achieved through integrations, rules, and conditional logic.

You can also collaborate on documents with people in your organization to speed up the entire creation process. Of course, the fields on your forms can be customized to better match your unique situation.


Documint has four paid pricing plans and a free plan. Each plan is divided based on the number of documents you can generate each month and the features available.

  • Silver $30/m
  • Gold – $80/m
  • Platinum $150/m



HotDocs is a document automation software that enables users to generate customized documents, forms, and contracts based on user inputs and predefined templates. The platform includes several unique features that make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of HotDocs’ unique features.

Get essential documents signed in a flash

HotDocs offers a powerful template authoring tool that enables users to create and modify document templates quickly and easily. You can import existing documents and convert them into templates, or create new templates from scratch using HotDocs’ drag-and-drop interface.

It includes advanced conditional logic features that enable you to create dynamic documents that adapt to user inputs. For example, if a user selects “yes” for a certain question, HotDocs can automatically generate additional clauses or paragraphs that are specific to that selection.

HotDocs integrates with a wide range of business applications and systems, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and SharePoint. This enables users to automate document workflows and to ensure that documents are generated and managed in a centralized location.


HotDocs does not publicly disclose its pricing. You’ll need to reach out to the sales team to get a quote based on your situation.



Legito is a cloud-based document automation platform that helps businesses streamline their document creation and management processes. The platform includes several unique features that make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Legito includes a clause library that enables users to create templates and reuse clauses across multiple documents. Users can search for specific clauses using keywords and tags, making it easy to find and reuse clauses across different documents.

It also includes advanced document collaboration features that make it easier for teams to collaborate on document creation and editing. Users can share documents, track changes, and provide feedback and comments directly in the platform.

Take advantage of AI-powered document drafting to move 4X faster


Legito includes API integration capabilities that enable users to integrate with other business applications and systems. This feature helps automate document workflows and to ensure that documents are generated and managed in a centralized location.

It allows its customers to take advantage of and create complex document workflows. You can set up and get detailed reports on various types of workflows such as those for approvals. The platform will automatically trigger actions based on pre-defined rules and conditions.


Legito’s pricing can be confusing. There are no monthly plans. Rather, you can choose to pay quarterly or yearly. Plans are divided based on usage limits and access to its features.

  • Basic – $120/m/user for a minimum of $320 for three months.
  • Small business – $96/m/user with a minimum of 10 users $2880 for three months.
  • Enterprise – custom pricing.

Windward Studios

Windward Studios

Windward Studios is a document automation platform that enables users to create and manage documents, reports, and forms based on user inputs and data sources. The platform has been around for a while and has gone through many iterations.

Automate contracts and workflows

Windward Studios includes advanced data integration capabilities that enable users to connect to a wide range of data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and web services. This feature allows users to pull data directly into their documents and create customized reports and forms based on user inputs and data sources.

It provides you with the tools to accomplish document generation with the aim of creating customized documents, reports, and forms with little to no manual intervention. You can choose from a library of pre-built templates or create your own templates using Windward’s template authoring tool. Once a template is selected, Windward will prompt the user for input and generate a customized document based on the user’s selections.

Windward Studios is highly customizable, allowing you to create templates and workflows that fit your unique requirements. The platform includes advanced features for customizing templates, data sources, and output formats.


The company recently removed pricing from its website but, before it did, it started at $6,790/year for the core plan which is limited by the number of document pages you can generate. It’s important to note that it’s priced based on pages and not based on documents.


Human resources are an essential part of any organization. Without your people, you’re dead in the water. That’s why is so important that your HR team can focus on humans and not paperwork. HR document automation software makes that possible.

In this guide, you learned what HR document automation is and the tools that are the best fit for the job. Take a look at the options and shortlist the ones that are the best fit for your situation and have all (or most of) the features that you need.

Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share.

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