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We’re constantly working on DoxFlowy to ensure you have the best experience possible. This includes bug fixes, UI updates, and new features.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to in June.

New Tag manager

We’ve introduced a new feature called Tag Manager. You can access it in the menu under the ‘Documents’ tab.

Previously, if you added custom tags, there was no way to edit it, delete it, or update it.

If you made a mistake with the tag, you either had to use it as-is or make a new tag. Over time, a few mistakes here and there would add up and reduce your efficiency.

With the tag manager, you’re able to view all of the custom tags you’ve made. Not only that, you can see the document workflows they’ve been used in.

Tag manager 1

Within the tag manager, you’re can modify tags, delete tags, and even add a description for tags to make them easier to recall.

New Checkbox tag

Many documents and contracts, especially when they’re standardized, have multiple options and checkboxes.

Now, you can reflect that in your dynamic document templates and allow people to choose from different options.

The chosen options will be indicated in your generated documents by a check mark.

When you want to add the checkbox tag to a document, you’ll notice that the process is a bit different.

Checkboxes come with multiple options such as whether you want people to be able to select multiple options, how it’ll be displayed, and more.

Checkbox tag

I encourage you to play with it to see what you can do.

Merge uploaded PDFs for signing

You no longer need to use third-party software to merge more than one PDF document together before signing.

With this update, you can upload multiple documents to be signed in sequential order and they’ll be automatically merged into a single document.

Note this is for uploading documents to be signed using DoxFlowy Sign and this update does not impact DoxFlowy Documents.

Streamlined editor interface

We noticed that the editor appeared a bit small and wasn’t ideal when you were planning on composing a document from scratch.

Was it possible to type within the editor? Of course.

Was the experience the best it could be? No, it wasn’t.

This update is a quality-of-life improvement. We’ve removed the second row of text editing options from the top toolbar by default. If you want to access more options to edit your text, there is now a chevron that you can click to the right of the toolbar.

Additionally, the header and footer view have been moved to the toolbar.

The space that it previously occupied has now be used to expand the area available for the document editor.

All in all, It’ll be easier for you to handle everything from drafting a document from scratch to editing already existing documents using the DoxFlowy editor.

Preview generated documents

Previously, when someone filled out a questionnaire, they saw a confirmation message and that was it. They couldn’t see the document that was generated based on their inputs.

That was only possible when they were signing.

With today’s update, your respondent can see the document that was generated based on their answers right after they’ve confirmed the submission of their questionnaire.

You also have the option of allowing them to download the generated document. If you’ve set up a signature request, they’ll have the option of proceeding to signing from the document preview page.

Keep in mind that you have full control of the preview and can choose to turn it on or off depending on your needs.


This is just a small collection of all the work we’ve been doing. We’ve been hard at work enhancing our software infrastructure, getting rid of bugs that pop up, and providing a better user interface.

We’ve got a lot more planned over the coming months so be sure to check back at the beginning of every month to catch all of the updates we’ve added to DoxFlowy.

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