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How to type your signature online

We’ve made it dead simple to create an electronic signature online by typing what you want to appear as a signature.


Navigate to the text box above and click on it


Type in the name that you want to use as the signature and confirm


Browse our collection of handwriting style fonts and choose the one you like


Edit the signature until you’re happy


Download the signature you created to your device

Advantages of typing signature online

Businesses, by their nature, have processes that are inefficient. The brands that are considered best in class constantly work to remove those inefficiencies and bottlenecks whenever they arise. One of the most frustrating (and common) bottlenecks is when you have to get documents signed. Previously, it had to be done by hand but now it can be done online and there are many advantages that come with it.

  • It saves time because documents are transmitted securely and signed online
  • Improve document management, storage, and retrieval workflows
  • Save money on physical products like paper, pens, and even storage space
  • Clear document tracking and heightened transparency
  • When using an electronic signature service, there’s an added layer of encryption security