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How to draw your signature online

The process of drawing a signature online is straightforward when using our signature creator.


Navigate to the empty area above


Use your finger, mouse, or stylus to trace out your signature


After you’ve drawn, you can edit the colors to suit your needs


When you’re happy, save and download to your computer

What are the advantages of drawing signatures online?

Just a few decades ago, the process of signing legal and business documents was cumbersome, to say the least. The document would need to be generated/created, printed out, signed by you or someone else, then sent for signing to someone else. You may have needed to send it by certified mail or meet the person in person.

After the document got to them, they’d need to sign it and send it back to you. If multiple people needed to sign then it would be a nightmare.

Today, that time has gone from days or weeks to just a few minutes (or hours at the most). A few advantages of drawn electronic signatures include

  • Enhances the efficiency and productivity of individuals and organizations
  • Increases satisfaction of the people involved in the signing process
  • Faster time to close deals
  • Create a verifiable audit trail when using an electronic signature solution
  • Save money via less paper, supplies, and storage space needed