Slash the time it takes to create, sign, and store docs by up to 80% with sales document automation software.

DoxFlowy provides the tools to automate your document workflows to drastically reduce errors and speed up document creation to give you and your team back 100's of hours for use on more important tasks.

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How many hours are you and your team wasting each and every week on these tasks?

Wasting time
Drafting legal documents, contracts, and forms to cater to the needs of clients.
Gathering information from clients, and vendors.
Error checking documents and making sure they’re “right to a T”.
Dealing with long communication cycles because certain documents need to go back and forth between multiple departments and clients.
Fixing human-made errors.
Getting documents signed by the relevant parties and updating your CRM or any relevant software.

If your business is like most, you and your team easily spend DOZENS of hours a week on paperwork.

Each month you’re paying thousands of dollars for your team to waste dozens of hours on paperwork when they could be doing more productive tasks…

These are HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of hours each year you and your team members could be using to:

Strategize the growth of your business so you can not only hit your targets but crush them.
Foster better client relationships so you get a flood of referrals and always have a full pipeline.
Improve sales and marketing by dedicating the time needed to do it right the first time (The activities that actually bring in money.)
Streamline and systemize other areas of your sales organization so you get more done with the same amount of people.
Relax and have more fun because you didn't come to this world to be stressed out of your mind with paperwork.

DoxFlowy is a document automation software that can give you and your team back hundreds of hours each year by taking care of all your paperwork processes for you. 

We make this possible by automating everything from collecting information for documents, creating documents, signing, storing documents, and so much more.

How DoxFlowy Works

Fast document creation

DoxFlowy helps you automate sales document workflows through dynamic templates. 

Quotes, proposals, contracts, and more can be created automatically with a few button clicks. 

Build them from scratch, upload your documents to DoxFlowy and tweak them, or take advantage of our library of templates vetted by legal professionals and designed for virtually every industry.

Once the template is done, you can create a new document in minutes. (Instead of hours.)

Intuitive questionnaires

As soon as you finish creating your template, an intutive questionnaire is automatically generated for you. 

You can share it with your your clients, customers, partners, or vendors to fill in a few blanks on the intuitive questionnaire - and you’re done.

Of course, you can customize the questiionnaire to match your brand and embed or share it anywhere, so clients can give you all the data you need to automate the agreement or document creation process.

Best of all? There’s no room for human error.

Of course, that's not all DoxFlowy can do.

Integration with third-party tools

process connection

DoxFlowy integrates with your current tools so you can take a hands-off approach but stay efficient.

Easily connect to all major CRMs, marketing apps, HR tools, and many more.

You don’t need to manually upload documents or trigger actions in the tools you’re using. DoxFlowy handles it automatically once you’ve set up the initial connection.

Do you need it to be sent to your clients via your email software? Uploaded to Google Drive? Signed? Updated in your HR Management system?

Whatever you need to be done with a document – DoxFlowy automates it for you.

Why DoxFlowy Could Be The Most Lucrative Investment You Make In Your Business This Year

Lucrative investment

Time is money.

Time spent doing anything that’s not geared towards growing your business and making it more efficient is hurting your bottom line.

Energy wasted by you and your employees is costing you cash and hurting your employees’ morale (they hate doing paperwork just as much as you do).

Automating important (yet repetitive) tasks is going to free up time and energy for you and your team to do the things that really move the needle.

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There is 0 risk involved. And there is so much pain to get rid of.

Warning: You have to act fast.

Because our experts are going to be setting up your document automation workflows for you, we spend a lot of time and energy to make sure we automate your documents properly, we’re limited to only 20 new customers every week. We allocate those slots on a first come first serve basis.

To make sure you’re able to take advantage of this, book a short demo call so we can walk you through how it can work for your specific situation and answer any other questions you may have.

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