We’ll do 99.9% of the work to automate your document creation and free up 20+ hours every week for only $1 or you don’t pay.

We Guarantee you’ll have your first document or contract workflow automated in the next 7 days or less…. Even if you’re completely new and have never automated a contract or document in your life, here’s how:

Over 1423 brands already trust our tools

to prep, generate, automate, and sign documents in record time (while cutting costs).

The average business spends hundreds of hours a year on document management. This includes gathering data, preparing the document, and getting it signed.

In a study published by professor Raymond R. Panko, the likelihood of making a mistake when it comes to complex data entry is 100%. In reality, you will probably have more than one mistake which adds additional time for the document prep time due to multiple rounds or revisions. 

What if you could automate most of these things once and save hundreds of hours a year and channel that time into other areas such as: 

  • Customer success
  • Sales prospecting 
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Etc. 

Today, we’re proud to introduce DoxFlowy - the no-code end-to-end document automation and electronic signature platform. Automate data collection, document creation, and electronic signatures with intuitive questionnaires, intelligent templates, and robust data routing rules. Set up your document workflow once and have it work in the background indefinitely. 

Use the hours you save every week to invest in other areas of your business to grow faster and more efficiently. 
Today, we’re providing a special offer. When you start a trial, our team will personally dedicate up to 12 hours to set up your first document automation workflow so you can see firsthand how powerful document automation is in your business. 

Take advantage of this offer today by clicking the button down below plus get over $3,500 in bonuses just for registering today.

Benefits of DoxFlowy

Never spend hours drafting and editing complex documents again. Get documents and contracts done 80 - 90% faster and then get them signed in minutes instead of days. DoxFlowy handles the entire document drafting process in the background. Use your time for more important things
Take advantage of our artificial intelligence engine to draft legal documents and contracts up to 4X faster. 
Create document automation workflows that make complex documents simple for anyone to create in just a few minutes.
Never encounter an embarrassing document drafting error at the 11th hour again.
Use a single master document so you create less paperwork, speed up drafting time, and produce a consistent final product.
Cut down on editing time from an hour to five minutes and speed up approvals by over 10X.
Replace paper processes with easy-to-use workflows that guide clients through the entire process. Log in to your account to access completed documents that you can send out to the right people with a few button clicks
Create powerful workflows without having to code - ever. Anyone on your team can create document workflows to streamline your processes.
Save hundreds or thousands of dollars every week by cutting document prep time from 3 hours to 10 minutes.
Build a collection of dynamic document templates that anyone in your organization can with almost zero training.
Customize the documents and forms to match your brand. Your team and clients will know they’re in the right place and have confidence in what they’re doing.
Curate a repository of approved document templates that are plug-and-play that anyone in your organization can take advantage of.
Customize the documents and forms to match your brand so you’re always putting your best foot forward. Your team and clients will know they’re in the right place and have confidence in what they’re doing.
Integrate your existing tools with a few button clicks. Expand the abilities of DoxFlowy and automate the entire document lifecycle.
Further automate and streamline your document processes, onboarding, and everything in between.

Who this is for

People and organizations making multiple documents a week
Human resources teams
In-house legal teams and law firms
Staffing agencies
Real estate investors and property managers
In-house legal teams and law firms
Insurance firms
Transportation firms
Sales teams
Higher education institutions
Psychologists building creating reports

Who this is not for

People and organizations that only need a one-off document created
Businesses that don’t want to get more productive and streamline their document workflows
People and organizations that rarely create new documents the same document twice

Stop ‘accidentally’ spending a fortune to create and edit your documents and contracts

We guarantee that you’ll have your first document automation workflow for $1 or you don’t pay a single red cent.

If you’re serious about using document and business process automation then you're in the right place.

With DoxFlowy, never get overwhelmed with paperwork. No longer spend countless hours drafting and double-checking contracts and other important documents.

After you start your free trial, you’ll be the one that has all your things together. You'll be the one that gets work done early. You'll be the one that impresses clients. You'll be the one that has everyone around you wondering how you run such an efficient operation.

Imagine sharing a link or pushing a button and a complex document process gets completed in minutes instead of hours.

Imagine working through a mountain of paperwork and documentation in a few moments. Think about how things would change if you were no longer restricted to one or two people being able to prepare complex documents and contracts. Instead, anyone can plug into the document workflow and push out high-quality documents. How would that impact your ability to do meaningful work?

What you get with DoxFlowy today

Our team will take your document and build out an entire document automation workflow. Start seeing the benefits of document automation almost immediately ($1020 value).
Electronic signing that lets you send out compliant sign requests as part of your document workflow
Document automation tools to draft and format documents. You also get robust document customization tools like setting the out file type, choosing whether clients can download the document, and even what customers and clients see after they’ve filled out a questionnaire.
Branding tools so customers, clients, and employees get a consistent experience. They know they're in the right place and complete documents with confidence.
Team management that allows you to control who has access to your account. Invite people and set their account permissions. Give them the tools to collaborate on your documents or create their own document automation workflows
Integrations with third-party tools so your entire document management workflow can be automated. Receive timely notifications every step of the way.
So much more.....


DoxFlowy guarantees that you’ll get all the benefits of document automation by automating your first document workflow for you or you don’t pay a single red cent.

You may be wondering, why DoxFlowy?

The answer to that is simple. You save thousands of dollars because you automate the hard parts. DoxFlowy is also faster and easier than doing it manually. The end result? Less stress when trying to pump out high-quality contracts and documents

By the numbers

DoxFlowy Current Manual/human processes
Average cost to create a medium complexity document $0.75 $90

Computed using a person paid $20/hour ($44,000 a year) and taking 3 - 4 hours to create a document. Then another hour or two is added for reviewing and correcting errors. If you created 50 documents a month, that’s a savings of about $4,500 or a cost of less than $2/document with a monthly subscription of $99/m for $100 documents a month, that's a cost of less than $1 per document. The more documents you create, the cheaper it gets.

And with the $1 trial, you get these bonuses for free

Bonus #1

Document Automation Mastery
($997 Value)

Document Automation Mastery is an end-to-end video training program. It shows you how to prep and executes document automation in your business. We're giving you the entire document automation playbook for free by starting your $1 trial.  Here’s what’s inside

One of the most overlooked challenges with document automation that derails projects and how to make it a non-issue
The hidden benefits of document automation you may not have even considered
The simple thing you can do that’s guaranteed to make document automation so much more valuable for you
The step-by-step process to get your first or your one-hundredth document automated
How to get documents automated 10X faster - even if you've never done it before
Worksheets and templates that you can plug your information into to make document automation a breeze.

Bonus #2

25% Discount for Testimonial.to for 12 months
($540 Value)

Testimonial.to is a powerful feedback and testimonial collection tool. It allows your customers and users to create video testimonials or text testimonials in response to prompts you provide. This ensures all of your testimonials are high quality. 

Additionally, you can import testimonials from third party platforms like LinkedIn and pile on the social proof while driving your conversion rates up.

When you give it a try today - just saying maybe - you get all of this

DoxFlowy Platform ---------------------------------- $997 value

Done-for-You Document Automation Service ---- $1020 value

Document Automation Mastery Training --------- $997 value

12 months 25% discount to Testimonial.to ------ $540 value

Total value = $3,554

Today, it's only $1

Most Popular

DoxFlowy Team

1 document workflows automated for you
Comes with 3 users
Up to 6 integrations per document
Unlimited sign requests a month
600 documents created a month
35 custom document automation Workflows
So much more….

DoxFlowy Core

1 document workflows automated for you
Comes with 1 user
Up to 3 integrations per document
100 sign requests a month
150 documents created a month
15 custom document automation Workflows
So much more….

Our ironclad Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

Register for DoxFlowy today, get access to all the bonuses and the platform, use it, and put it to the test over the next 38 days. That covers your trial period and first subscription. You’re either absolutely thrilled with how much this changed your document drafting speed, or you can send us a single email and we’ll refund every single penny. We’ll eat the cost of the Done-For-You-Document Automation service and you can keep access to Document Automation Mastery as our gift to you.

Plus The Slash or Double Guarantee

In addition to our 100% love it or leave it guarantee, we also guarantee you’ll slash your document drafting time by AT LEAST 70%. We’re so confident that you’ll be able to achieve this that we’re willing to back that up with our “slash or double” guarantee.  This guarantee will give you double your money back on your initial subscription purchase.

All you have to do to qualify for the Slash or Double Guarantee is create two more document automation workflows. 

Remember, we’re going to spend 12 hours creating your first document automation workflows for you

So, in addition to the ones we create, you will need to create two more.

Create 80 documents total for your end users (clients, customers, employees, or whoever that is) within the next 90 days. 

If, at the end of 90 days, your documents aren’t created at least 70% faster then let us know. We’ll refund you every penny of your initial subscription investment and then wire you the same amount. You get a refund and we pay you extra. 

Go ahead, and register your DoxFlowy account today. You either love it or it costs you nothing.

Warning: You Have to Act Fast!

We’re limited to 20 new clients a week. Our team only has so much time and energy to provide the done-for-you document automation workflow builder service. We can only offer 20 spots every week. Sometimes they run out in a day or two.

It’s on a first come first served basis.

Because of this, we strongly encourage you to register your account now and ensure you don’t get left out.

Why are we doing this?

We know what you’re probably thinking, If it’s so valuable, why are we giving it away for almost nothing?  We’ll be honest. We want to be the market leader in our space. That doesn’t happen unless we knock your socks off with the value we provide It’s a bit selfish but we’re 100% convinced it’s worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the bonuses?

After you register your account, you'll be taken to a special page where you will receive detailed instructions explaining how to access each of the bonuses. 

How do I give you instructions for the document to be automated?

On the page where you have access to the bonus, there's also a place for you to submit your document that needs to be automated and any additional instructions. You also have the option of setting up a short call with us to go over the document and share any other special instructions you may have. 

How is the document delivered to me?

We create the entire document workflow within your account so as soon as it's finished, we'll send you an email so you can double-check it. Once everything passes muster, you're free to start using it. 

Are the signatures legally binding?

Yes, signatures created within DoxFlowy are legally binding. 

Can I add more users?

Yes, you're free to add as many users as you want up to the limits of the plan you're on. 

What happens after the trial period ends?

After the trial period ends, you'll be automatically billed based on the plan you chose when registering. Of course, you can cancel at any time within your account. 

What are 'integrations per document?

This refers to the number of things you can do after an individial document has been generated based on the automation workflow. You can do things such as send it for signing, send an email notification, store it in a third party tool like Dropbox, and more. If you have 10 integrations per document then you can do 10 separate things after the document is generated. 

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